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I used to be with BT untill about five years ago. My log details were still active on my computer and I got my code by just opening the link.

Unfortunately, I could not pay for it as my details were no longer valid, so I opened a new page and created a new account at the bt shop, then went back to my basket on my other page, and paid with no problems whatsoever.

Should get my PS5 this week :-)

A recent tweet from BT suggests they will have some more PS5 Consoles available this week for BT broadband customers. BT Broadband customers will need to have their code from in order to make the purchase.

BT is in stock this morning but sadlyt i have no code!

Due to the info on this website I successfully ordered from GAME a PS5 with 2 games, one of which I intended to buy anyway and the other which gets great reviews! Ordered 15/03/22 arrived 19/03/22. All at recommended retail price. Superb!

That's great news and thanks for your message

got all the way to paying for it on currys website which is a joke btw to them stopping me buying saying can't process your order , absolute joke how they sell the ps5 should stagger through out the day to give people a chance.

Argos had PS5’s yesterday at various locations throughout the day.. You’d be better off checking the links provided here yourself rather than relying on it to tell you what’s in stock and when.

Congratulations if you did managed to actually buy one from Argos as we found the stock availability very flaky each time they are supposed to restock and as such did not see a decent level of stock to warrant a stock alert. There was some so called 'glitch' that would allow you to purchase a PS5 console from Argos even though they didn't show any stock and we would never advise to follow this kind of advice as it could lead to more disappointment when your order gets cancelled, you have to wait for a refund and possible banning from the store.

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