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Either the Bots went in fast or there was a glitch with Smyths as stock showing briefly for multiple stores......

Showing in stock again - multiple stores for pre-order and collection

Very intermittent - can only suggest to keep trying....


Thank you! Ordered from BT Monday arrived Thursday!

Finally managed to get a PS5 from BT, nightmare to get the code however finally got there. Thanks for point out that they had some and did not have to pay much more elsewhere.

hi im bt customer and got my email but no code on bottom of email how did you get your code please?

Hi, you need to login to 'My BT' and go to Get offers to get your access code.

You have to got the BT shop,

Register there and they will give a code, it's not the main BT site.

Also, expect to wait... it took them 3 days to do a "security check" and a further 10 days after the check to process the order. Basically. taking it off a shelf and putting it on a van.

Check your email people, as they don't tell you that before you order.

They have come in and out of stock at Game in that time

It was easy ordering from BT I have to admit, I kept on getting told it log in. I rang BT however they were saying it was my devices and had to change passwords. It was only when I logged into my account details that I seen the activation code for a PS5 order. They had sold out for the basic console model, ending up buying one with 2 controllers. Still got it cheaper than other sites I was looking.

Hi Kane thanks so much ill try doing as you did. Glad u got ur console. I think i mite wait now till the disk one is back in stock but ill be ready next time following your help so thank youx

Finally got one today on pre order from game, my son is so happy Thank you stock checkers much appreciated

You are welcome and we are glad that you managed to get a PS5 for your son!

Just purchased from , thank you so much in time for the birthday in May - it's been a stressful few months

Great news. Stock has been thin over the last few months because of the push for stock leading up to Christmas. We have seen quite a bit of stock over the past few days but only as expensive bundles so at least some of the AO bundles were sub £600

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