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Mine was exactly the same until I got an email last night from DPD saying it was expected for delivery today and then QVC updated on my account this morning. I did find it quite strange that it doesn't state the expected delivery date when you pay so I was expecting it to maybe take a while but Friday to Monday for delivery I don't think is too bad.

I bought mine Friday evening too so hopefully I get an email soon to let me know when it will be delivered. I'm too impatient for this haha

Have you had any updates yet? Mine came yesterday afternoon around 12.30

Just got mine now! Now I need to figure out how to use it hahaha. How you getting on with yours?

I'm doing okay, first attempt I ended up with more of a bouncy blow dry using the largest barrels. I think I was using sections that were too big and I didn't let the curls set long enough. I used the smaller barrel today and smaller sections then pinned them for an hour and I've got lovely bouncy curls now. The bouncy blow I got yesterday lasted overnight too, I've got long thin hair that doesn't hold a curl very well so my initial thought is that I'm impressed .

Oh that sounds great, it's all trial and error really isn't it. I have long thick curly hair so I'm thinking this will take me awhile to perfect. I'm excited to try it though!

How are you getting on with yours, my attempts have been a bit hit and miss so far and to add insult to injury Dyson are now releasing the new multistyler which is even more expensive but you can get it in the blue and copper so I'm tempted to return mine and wait for that

I got mine over week ago from Qvc however I am finding it’s not picking up my end on curling barrel it’s just weak at suction?? Should I return it and get another one just thinking I have paid a fortune and could be faulty?

Oh really, from the videos I’ve seen even with people that have really long hair that doesn’t appear to be an issue so potentially could be a faulty one. Do you know anyone else who’s got one to compare?

I’ve just ordered the Dyson airwrap for long hair at qvc..I was surprised to see them in stock. I bought it on 3 easy instalments so fingers crossed I receive it soon

I bought mine Friday and it’s arriving today with DPD so hopefully yours comes soon

Caitlin did you end up getting one from QVC? My order just say In Process with nothing to say when I might get it

Mines saying order in process but no delivery date too Anne-Marie but I’m hoping it will change soon. Did you buy it last night too (Sunday eve) .?

I bought mine Friday evening, got an email yesterday saying it would be delivered today and it's just got here now. Qvc don't update until its shipped but only actually took a few days

That’s good..hopefully mine will be delivered as quick too.

Ladies. I went to Boots to collect my order and they didn't even have it in yet even though it said I could collect today. I asked about trying and returning, as I had called and was told I could but they told me in store you cant. It has to be returned unopened. So I will have to cancel that order and I will get one from QVC. Really gutted as I thought I was getting it today finally

How annoying! I ordered mine from a Boots store yesterday... Collected it fine today - it even had some free Dior samples included in the parcel box. Hope you manage to get one soon!

Are QVC reliable, a lot of bad reviews for them!

I’ve never ordered from them before but they’ve been around for years. I’ve seen the bad reviews and to be honest I think they’re pretty harsh so it’s not deterred me but I’ll let you know how I get on

That would be great, Thankyou

My experience with them has been smooth sailing but I'm thinking of returning mine to get the new release multistyler in blue and copper so I'll let you know how that process goes as a lot of the bad reviews are surrounding the returns

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