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Go go go Caitlin!

I got it!!!! I can’t wait to try it out

Caitlin, did you get one from John Lewis?!

I’m so tempted, I’ve got one in my basket but I’m holding out for QVC so I can try one and return it if it’s no good. They’ve got a dyson segment on tomorrow so I’m hoping to get one then.

Can you not return to John Lewis?

You can but their policy is similar to others that it has to be returned in unused condition

It's a weird policy to have isn't it. You're not going to know if it works for you until you've tried it. The reviews are pretty polarising too so it's not even as if it would be the exception to the rule for someone to want to return it. I've seen loadsssss of reviews where people have said they hated it and returned it. I think especially if you've got longer than chest length hair, why I do. And that's why I've put off buying one for so long, as the reviews for long hair were *****

I think I’m just being overly cautious. I’ve got long thin hair and my hair doesn’t hold curls well with a conventional curler without effort so the reviews have me a bit worried. I just don’t want to be stuck with a £450 ornament if they won’t let me return it

Apparently not allowed to say * * * *

Yeyyyy!! Can't wait to try it out too! I feel like we've all been on emotional journey this last fortnight just to get a hair tool let us know how you find it! I'm quite apprehensive having longer hair that is really thick and typically takes 3 business days to do anything other than straighten so we'll see

I managed to get hold of Boots on the phone and they said you can use and return it if not suitable. I ordered one for collection tomorrow and will double check with them before I walk away with it, just to make sure.

Oh this is good. wonder if you can get this in writing? i really hope we would try it and if not suitable return

That would be great if they can email or confirm it in writing somehow, I think a lot of people are scared of dropping £450 on the airwrap and finding out it’s no good for their hair and being stuck with it

yeah im worried about that but im going to try and carefully take it out the box and have a go and pray it works

Does anyone know what the returns policy is with Boots? Just incase it doesn't suit my hair. Website is a bit vague on electrical goods and can't get through to them on the phone

Caitlin returned one from Boots at the beginning of the month so you can return them

Yep really simple process, I returned it to my local store and the money returned to my paypal account within an hour or so. It was a bit concerning as you get no printed confirmation of return from the store but it shows on your boots account not long after. They didn't check the box either when I returned it so that's probably why I received a damaged one.

Had you used it beforehand? I’m worried how I’m gonna try it and if it’s no good return it.

I hadn't no, I saw the damage and just boxed it back up for return the same day it arrived. The policy does state it needs to be returned within 35 days in unused condition but I think if you haven't damaged it and it's all in original packaging it shouldn't be an issue. I'm still a bit sceptical about whether it'll work on my hair so I'm holding out for QVC as I believe they allow you to use the product before returning in case it doesn't work for your hair

ah okay. yes QVC are really good for things like that. I spoke to them yesterday about stock and they said they're holding a show tomorrow between 3-4pm on dyson hair products so may be able to order then

Fantastic I’ll have to tune in tomorrow

I've gone and bought 2 by accident!!

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