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Does anyone think the airwrap long in blue will ever come back in stock? All the other colour ways keep popping up but the blue doesn’t seem to be!


As far as we know the Prussian Blue and Copper in the standard Dyson Airwrap will not return at least in the near future. We are closely watching the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler for the Blue/Copper as well as other exclusive colours only available at Dyson.

DYSON Airwrap Complete Long Hair Multi-Styler - Nickel & Copper going fast at Currys - just 40 units left unless they release another batch like they did this morning.

Has everyone seen the new coanda smoothing and wide tooth comb attachments? I’ve noticed that if you already own a airwrap that you’ve purchased within the last year you can request the tooth comb attachment. I’m not sure if it’ll be the same for the coanda but just thought it may be helpful to know.

Apologies for the alert earlier today regarding the Customised Dyson Airwrap styler (Kit 7) as the link to the Dyson hair diagnostic tool was broken. Once we realised this was an issue we corrected the links and re-sent the alerts.

Do not buy from " the digital stock" i lost nearly £340 trying to order a dyson airwrap on sale.... fake website ... i feel such a fool, hoping bank will refund me ?

Sorry to here that.

Thanks for sharing your experience and we hope you get your money returned.

We only advise to purchase from the main retailers as unfortunately there are quite a few bad sites out there targeting items that consumers are so desperate to get hold of.

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