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It is weird, because yesterday I wanted to pay and when I approved the buying with the text code, I always got this msg:


It looks me a scam.

Same thing was happening, I thought maybe its something with my card or bank ir denying my payment.

I noticed that my HSBC card does not work at argos and Aliexpress neither. Succeded to pay by an other Bank's card. It is weird...

Anyway I got one at Argos, Wishaw. I had to go for it 50 miles... I am not impressed by my PS5. But bought it due to my fav game. LOU 1-2.

In stock north east (Newcastle) at Argo's. Just got one from Gateshead

Yeah, they are still popping in occasionally in different locations - one PS5 Disk Version in Irvine Argos in Sainsburys at the moment if that helps anyone

Argos says: in stock, but unavailable anywhere.

Sorry you weren’t successful. As usual it’s a bit hit and miss with the PS5 stock alert at Argos. They release stock in batches across regions so it’s difficult to get what you want with them but many have had success.

Yep. probably I realised too late. Might be next time :)

just go 1 from Argos. excellent result.

Thanks Stockcheckers

That’s excellent news. Hope all goes well with collection


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