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Sony Playstation Portal In Stock
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Sony Playstation Portal In Stock

Watch this space closely. April will see more Sony Playstation Portal stock coming into stores this month. Since the launch of the Sony Playstation Portal in November 2023 UK stock has been almost impossible to find with the PS5 Portal stock snapped up quickly.

We will keep an eye out for you and let you know of any Sony Playstation Portal Pre-Order units becoming available.

Sony Playstation Portal -
Last Refresh: 23/04/2024 11:51:04 PM
Store Product Price Delivery Total Stock
Playstation Direct PlayStation Portal Remote Player
£199.99 £0.00 £199.99 In Stock
Very PlayStation 5 Portal Remote Player For PS5
£199.00 £0.00 £199.00 In Stock
Amazon PlayStation Portal
*Amazon Marketplace
In Stock: 17/4/2024 8:11:45 AM
Out of Stock: 17/4/2024 8:41:24 AM
£232.00 £Varies £232.00 Marketplace
Ebay Playstation Portal for Sale
£150.00 £Varies £150.00 In Stock
Stock X Sony PlayStation Portal Remote Player
£198.00 £0.00 £198.00 In Stock
Currys SONY PlayStation Portal Remote Player
In Stock: 14/04/2024 4:10:19 AM
Out of Stock: 14/04/2024 7:12:29 AM
£199.00 £0.00 £199.00 Out of Stock
Amazon PlayStation Portal Remote Player
In Stock: 15/04/2024 7:40:42 PM
Out of Stock: 15/04/2024 7:45:08 PM
£199.99 £0.00 £199.99 Out of Stock
Game PlayStation Portal
In Stock: 13/04/2024 12:52:15 AM
Out of Stock: 13/04/2024 5:51:31 AM
£199.99 £0.00 £199.99 Out of Stock
Very PlayStation 5 Portal Remote Player For PS5
In Stock: 15/01/2024 9:40:45 AM
Out of Stock: 15/01/2024 9:50:24 AM
£199.99 £0.00 £199.99 Out of Stock
EE Store Sony PlayStation Portal Remote Player
In Stock: Not recently
Out of Stock: 13/12/2023 3:58:53 PM
£199.99 £0.00 £199.99 Out of Stock
Smyths PlayStation Portal Remote Player
In Stock: 5/12/2023 11:18:19 AM
Out of Stock: 5/12/2023 11:20:35 AM
£199.99 £0.00 £199.99 Out of Stock
Game PlayStation Portal + PS5 Venom Portal Starter Pack
In Stock: 13/04/2024 12:51:20 AM
Out of Stock: 13/04/2024 5:52:19 AM
£219.99 £0.00 £219.99 Out of Stock

Comments (895)

Thanks Keiron. Its so frustrating having checked the PS Direct so often yesterday that the only time I couldn't they got some in and out.

Plus I keep getting Curry's emails to check out my PS Portal basket even though there's nothing in it 😭

Donnidee keep trying u will get one

I finally got one after months of annoyance thank you stock checkers.

Backstory: I preorder one and on the day they released they cancelled on me I was so upset until I found this site and it helped me buy one yesterday

Has anyone got one from ebay or stock x? Seriously considering just paying the extra 30/40 quid to get one off someone reselling...

The eBay price now reflects rrp plus eBay fees. Those scalpers aren't making money on that sale now and are just trying to sell to avoid a loss.

If you really want to stick it to a scalper don't buy it and let them loose money. Stock is definitely improving as playstation direct had loads yesterday and didn't sell out for like a couple of hours which is a first.

I hate scalpers and what they do, they're partly causing this issue and until they start to loose money they'll keep doing it. Don't let them get away with it.

Don’t give into the scalpers Dan9393! They should all be made to suffer for buying up the stock from genuine people who want one. Hang in there you will get one from PS Direct or another vendor eventually. I’ve been trying to get one for months and finally managed to order one from PS yesterday.

Dang. I've been checking the PS Direct site throughout the day and missed out. Just like with Currys this morning. Starting to think it's not meant to be

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Playstation Portal In Stock