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Good sized PS5 stock drop at Amazon today - hope you managed to secure one.....

Argos had stock of both PS5 Digital and PS5 Disk for about 10mins this morning. Whilst it is still showing in stock it seems impossible to make a purchase now Perhaps it is still available for some postcodes or Argos website is slow to update.

Wow - letting me add to basket again. Keep trying

Very brief showing of stock at (Sony Playstation 5 Console + Extra DualSense Wireless Controller + Ratchet and Clank – Rift Apart + Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel with a 2-Pedal Set - Bundle) but was marked out of stock again in minutes Let's hope we get more playstation 5 stock soon. are taking PS5 pre-orders this morning (24th Aug) - delivery 10th September


Can't seem to get past their queuing system!

Also on the top of the page you state and I quote 'Signup for Telegram Alerts (Quickest Alerts) or email alerts below.' I've not had a single alert for this drop?


Are you sure you have signed up for PS5 email alerts and the PS5 Telegram Channel? They are separate from the Xbox ones that you are subscribed to.....

Ah, you're right I didn't know there were separate channels. My bad, I will join PS5 channel now lol. Most of the bundles say they're available but when getting through the queue they're sold out, been in 3 separate queues for 3 different bundles and the're all already gone. They get savaged so fast, idk if it's bots or what but they go way too fast for the average person to be able to grab them or you just got to be lucky I guess. Seen on twitter a guy was there the second they got released he was in the queue for 10mins 30 seconds and before it was his turn to checkout they were gone. :( My bad again about the channels. i didn't know.

I had the same issue and was unsuccessful now they are all gone. I had followed link since getting alert at 7:40am and that was on constant refreshing screen.

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