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Just wondered at roughly what stock level you aim to send notifications out at? 100+?

We always send alerts on a new restock as stock levels will be decent. The odd units that have been coming in and out of stock are cancellations and returns from a previous drop so this is where we don't alert to avoid further frustration.

There have been no email alerts send since yesterday for restock of Dyson Airwrap Long in the morning. We don't send them unless the stock level is reasonable because it is pointless sending thousands of emails if there is only one unit in stock as this would simply lead to further frustration. Any restocks since yesterday have been one or two units from cancelled orders from previous drops.

Hope that helps

We also offer Telegram alerts which are far quicker than relying on email. Email can be delayed at a number of places as it goes across the internet so is not always instant. Telegram on the other had is instant and of course has no chance of ending up in your SPAM folder either.

How do I get telegram alerts please?

Just download the Telegram app on your phone or desktop and then open this link on your phone/desktop to join the channel.

Shame the email alerts don’t come to me!

We can see we have sent you a Boots alert yesterday - do you not get that?

Not received

Hi, As advised try out Dyson Airwrap UK Telegram channel for a guaranteed delivery of alerts.

Telegram delivers the alerts immediately to all subscribers. Just download the Telegram app on your phone or desktop and then open the link above on your phone/desktop to join the channel.

Much appreciated guy

Great idea but I never get emails through

That's a shame - email us at [email protected] with your subscribed email so we can check your subscription and email logs to see what is going on

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