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There is some GHD Glide stock available from Nordstrom. They ship to UK.....I'm not adding it to the stock checker because it's not in the UK and the price with shipping may add up - £151.60 with 13-22 business days shipping! I'm just throwing it out there if anyone is desperate.

May also be worth checking eBay if you do consider that price?

Complete website redesign.

Now fully mobile optimised as our old tracker sites were not redesigned past 2010 when mobile browsing was not as popular!

Our proven stockchecker technology which has also been updated has been going for quite some time and goes back to 2007/2008 but after some time away we are making a return to assist everyone in getting hold of those hard to get hold of products.

Starting with 2 trackers for the Dyson Airwrap and GHD Glide with many more products to add. Hope the new site is of benefit to you so please let us know how you get on!

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